Ben Weston Beach: A Local’s Guide to the Best Spots

  • Adi Widianto
  • Jun 13, 2024
Ben Weston Beach

Ben Weston Beach, nestled along the serene coastline, is a well-kept secret among nature enthusiasts and travelers seeking tranquility away from bustling tourist spots. Located in a pristine coastal setting, this beach offers visitors a chance to unwind amidst stunning natural beauty. Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist exploring the area, Ben Weston Beach promises a peaceful retreat with its soft sands and gentle waves.

The Charm of Ben Weston Beach

Ben Weston Beach View
Ben Weston Beach View

Ben Weston Beach stands out for its unspoiled charm and laid-back atmosphere. Unlike more commercialized beaches, it maintains a rustic appeal that appeals to those looking for a quieter escape. The clear waters and clean shoreline further enhance its allure, inviting visitors to relax and rejuvenate in a pristine environment.

Activities and Attractions

Family Activity Ben Weston Beach
Family Activity Ben Weston Beach

While tranquility is the hallmark of Ben Weston Beach, there’s no shortage of activities for those seeking a bit of adventure. Fishing is also popular here, with ample opportunities to catch local species.

Planning Your Visit

When planning a visit to Ben Weston Beach, consider the best time of year to experience its beauty. Summers are ideal for sunbathing and enjoying water activities, while spring and fall offer cooler temperatures and fewer visitors, perfect for peaceful walks along the shore. Pack a picnic to fully savor the tranquil ambiance, and don’t forget essentials like sunscreen and hats to protect against the sun.

Local Cuisine and Dining

Exploring Ben Weston Beach isn’t just about the sand and sea; it’s also an opportunity to sample local cuisine. Nearby eateries often feature fresh seafood dishes that highlight the region’s maritime heritage. From lobster rolls to clam chowder, there’s no shortage of delicious options to complement your beachside experience. Many establishments offer outdoor seating with views of the ocean, allowing you to enjoy your meal while basking in the coastal scenery.

Environmental Conservation Efforts

View In Ben Weston Beach
View In Ben Weston Beach

Preserving the natural beauty of Ben Weston Beach is a community priority. Local organizations and volunteers actively participate in beach cleanups and conservation initiatives to protect the marine ecosystem and ensure that future generations can enjoy its splendor.

Information Details
Addres Avalon, CA 90704, United States
Opening Hours 24Hours
Entrance Ticket FREE
Contact +13105100036

List of Hotels Near Ben Weston Beach

Hotels near Ben Weston Beach refers to accommodations located close to Ben Weston Beach. This beach is likely a popular destination or landmark in a specific area. Travelers often seek hotels nearby for convenience and easy access to the beach and its amenities. These hotels typically offer varying levels of comfort and facilities, catering to different preferences and budgets of visitors wanting to enjoy the beach experience.

1. Banning House Lodge

Located at the West End of the island, the Banning House Lodge was built in 1910 as the summer home for the pioneering Banning brothers, who owned Santa Catalina Island. Now a charming, Craftsman-style bed and breakfast, the Banning House Lodge offers sweeping views of the Isthmus of Catalina and Catalina Harbor from its romantic, hilltop perch above Two Harbors. A complimentary continental breakfast is served daily in the charming dining room. Van shuttle service between the lodge and Two Harbors village is included.

Banning House Lodge
Banning House Lodge
Information Details
Addres 1 W Banning House Rd, Avalon, CA 90704, United States
Superiority Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Parking, Suitable for children, Non-smoking
Price $633,20
Contact +18777788322

2. Catalina Canyon Inn

Guest rooms have flat screen TVs, air conditioning, and refrigerators, and the Holiday Inn Resort Catalina Island makes connecting to the internet even easier as it offers free wi-fi.

You can also use the facilities provided by the hotel, such as room service and luggage storage. Guests can also enjoy a swimming pool and breakfast during their stay. For added convenience, free parking is available for guests.

Catalina Canyon Inn
Catalina Canyon Inn
Information Details
Addres 888 Country Club Dr, Avalon, CA 90704, United States
Superiority You can bring animals, Bar, Free parking, Gym, Cool atmosphere
Price $332,79
Contact +13105100325

3. Bellanca Hotel

Finding the ideal romantic hotel in Avalon is easy. Welcome to Portofino Hotel, a great choice for travelers like you.

As your “home”, the hotel rooms offer flat screen TVs, air conditioning and refrigerators, and it is easy to connect to the internet as free wi-fi is available.

Bellanca Hotel
Bellanca Hotel
Information Details
Addres 111 Crescent Ave, Avalon, CA 90704, United States
Superiority Great location, Bar, Cool atmosphere
Price $381,15
Contact +13105100555

4. El Terado Terrace Mini Suites

Looking for a place to stay in Avalon? Check out El Terado Terrace Mini Suites & Townhomes, a family-friendly hotel that brings the best of Avalon to your room.

Concierge services and room service are some of the things the hotel offers.

El Terado Terrace Mini Suites
El Terado Terrace Mini Suites
Information Details
Addres 230 Marilla Ave, Avalon, CA 90704, United States
Superiority Free Wi-Fi, Paid breakfast, Parking, Air conditioning, Suitable for children, Kitchen in all rooms, Non-smoking
Price $291,27
Contact +13105100831


Ben Weston Beach offers a tranquil escape for travelers seeking a quieter alternative to bustling tourist spots. With its pristine shoreline, scenic views, and variety of activities, it’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the charm of this coastal paradise.

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