Pikes Beach Revealed: Untold Stories and Stunning Views Await

  • Adi Widianto
  • Apr 16, 2024
Pikes Beach

Pikes Beach, nestled along the rugged coastline, is a testament to nature’s artistry and tranquility. Tucked away from the bustling city life, this pristine stretch of shoreline offers a retreat for those seeking solace amidst the whispers of the ocean. From its captivating landscapes to its rich biodiversity, Pikes Beach holds many wonders waiting to be discovered.

Exploring the Beauty of Pikes Beach

Pikes Beach View
Pikes Beach View

A Serene Haven Amidst Nature’s Embrace

As you step onto the soft sands of Pikes Beach, a sense of calm washes over you. Surrounded by lush coastal vegetation and towering cliffs, Pikes Beach is a sanctuary for both the mind and soul.

A Photographer’s Paradise

For photography enthusiasts, Pikes Beach offers endless opportunities to capture the perfect shot. From stunning sunrise vistas to dramatic seascapes bathed in golden hour hues, every moment at Pikes Beach is a masterpiece waiting to be framed. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice with a smartphone, the scenic beauty of Pikes Beach will leave you inspired.

Wildlife Encounters

Venture along the coastline, and you’ll encounter a wealth of wildlife calling Pikes Beach home. Watch for seabirds gliding gracefully overhead or spot playful dolphins dancing in the azure waters. You might even glimpse majestic whales migrating along the horizon if you’re lucky. Pikes Beach offers a front-row seat to nature’s captivating performances.

Activities to Enjoy at Pikes Beach

Family Activity Pikes Beach
Family Activity Pikes Beach

Beachcombing and Seashell Collecting

Stroll along the shoreline and indulge in the timeless pleasure of beachcombing. With each step, you’ll discover an array of treasures washed ashore, from delicate seashells to polished sea glass. Let your inner explorer guide you as you scour the sands for nature’s souvenirs, creating cherished memories with each newfound gem.

Picnicking and Beachside Relaxation

Gather your loved ones and escape to Pikes Beach for a day of picnicking and relaxation amidst breathtaking scenery. Spread out a blanket on the soft sands, savor a delicious meal, and bask in the sun’s warmth as you listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean. With ample space and serenity, Pikes Beach is the ideal destination for a tranquil getaway.

Planning Your Visit to Pikes Beach

View In Pikes Beach
View In Pikes Beach

Getting There

Located just a short drive from the heart of town, Pikes Beach is easily accessible by car. Follow the scenic coastal route, and you’ll soon find yourself immersed in the natural beauty of this coastal gem. Be sure to check local regulations and parking availability before setting out on your journey.

What to Bring

Preparing for a day of exploration and relaxation at Pikes Beaches is essential. Be sure to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of water to stay hydrated in the sun.

Respect for Nature

As you explore Pikes Beach, remember to tread lightly and leave no trace behind. By disposing of trash responsibly and respecting local wildlife and vegetation, you can help preserve the pristine beauty of this natural sanctuary for years to come. By practicing Leave No Trace principles, you can ensure that future generations can continue enjoying Pikes Beach’s wonders for years.

Information Details
Address 765 Dune Rd, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978, United States
Opening Hours 24Hours
Entrance Ticket FREE
Contact +16312880143

List of Hotels Near Pikes Beach

“Pikes Beach” is a beach located in [United States]. There are several hotels adjacent to this beach, providing easy access for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach. Lodging near Pikes Beach offers a variety of amenities and accommodation options to meet visitors’ needs, from luxury hotels to more affordable lodging.

1. The Quogue Club

The Quogue Club at Hallock House in Quogue, NY, is an elegant luxury boutique hotel at the gateway to the Hamptons and the east end of Long Island. With five-star accommodations, rooms and amenities, superb dining, easy access to nearby Atlantic beaches, the North and South Fork vineyards, world-class shopping and recreation activities, it is the perfect setting for a vacation, weekend getaway, wedding event, corporate meeting or private celebration of any kind. See for yourself…

The Quogue Club
The Quogue Club
Information Details
Address 47 Quogue St, Quogue, NY 11959, United States
Superiority Free parking, Restaurant, Free Wifi, Air conditioning, Restaurant, Good for kids, Golf course
Price $284,85
Contact +16316530100

2. The Ocean Resort at Bath and Tennis

Formerly known as the Westhampton Bath & Tennis, The Ocean Resort at Bath & Tennis was originally constructed in 1957 and later established as a co-op in 1987. The Ocean Resort at Bath & Tennis operates seasonally, during the summer months, and hosts separate entities that provide on-site services at the spa, salon (open year-round), and restaurant constructed in 1957 and later established as a co-op in 1987. During the summer months, it operates seasonally

 Westhampton Beach, NY 11978, United States
Superiority Parking, Wi-Fi, Outdoor swimming pool, Air conditioning, Laundry service, Good for kids, Fitness center
Price To ask about the price, you can contact the number listed directly
Contact +16312882500

3.Beac h and Bay Bungalows

Crystal Bay Bungalows offers accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a garden and a terrace. This accommodation has a bar and a restaurant serving Indonesian cuisine. The accommodation provides a 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, room service and free WiFi.

At the guest house, rooms have a work desk, bed linen and a balcony with garden views. All rooms have a private bathroom with a bidet, free toiletries and a hairdryer. At Crystal Bay Bungalows, all rooms have air conditioning and a safe.

Beach and Bay Bungalows
Beach and Bay Bungalows
Information Details
Address 496 Dune Rd, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978, United States
Superiority Great view
Price To ask about the price, you can contact the number listed directly
Contact +18555898728

4.Ma r i Manor

Southwinds has changed ownership and is now Mari Manor Bed & Breakfast and Bed & Cleanse! Welcome to our new concept, B&B, where experiencing a compassionate, healthy lifestyle is easy and enjoyable. At Mari Manor, it’s easy to take it easy; just see what our guests are saying! Formerly the home of New York State Governor and Presidential candidate Alfred E. Smith’s family, Mari Manor has been beautifully restored to its original elegance with a romantic Mari Lifestyle twist.

Mari Manor
Mari Manor
Information Details
Address 91 Potunk Ln, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978, United States
Superiority Swimming Pool, Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Wi-Fi
Price To ask about the price, you can contact the number listed directly
Contact +17605666640

In conclusion, Pikes Beach offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and serenity, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an adrenaline-fueled escapade, Pikes Beach promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you yearning to return time and time.

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